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Navigation to awareness reports about EVENTS in real REALITY. The explanation reports are from various social science BATTLEFIELD reporting systems.

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Princeton University FIELD THEORY applications

Computer EARTH data ports

The Z-papers on math and physics

Biomath Lapace existential equations

Vietnam Atomic Physics

Fort Hood Gram-Schmidt conflict

The Z-papers on DNA & Genetics Social Engineering

Analysis of History, the Humanities, Literature, Language, and Religion

The Z-Papers on chemistry

COMPUTER EARTH system 370 WAR news

The war to recapture EARTH

The Z-papers on math, physics, chemistry, and electrons

The Z-papers with Isaac Asimov EVENT analysis


LaHOOD - the genetics Department of Transportation into parallel universes

The Railroad Dual-MURDERS and Wisconsin --> the technology of modern system murder techniques

Herb Zinser's review of Insurance Systems and Accidents

The Z-papers on DNA & Genetics Social Engineering

The Z-papers on brain engineering and social control systems.

Molecular Cell Biology social expressions

The Z-Papers with the concepts of Herbert Spencer, C.P.Snow, Alan Sokal, and others

COMPUTER EARTH system 370 WAR news

Organic chemistry transformations to human social chemistry

The year 2013 BRAIN conflict expression of potassium atomic mass 39 VIA atom symbol K --> Korea city at 39th parallel NORTH

Advanced FAA aviation – DARPA Flying Carpets and Santa Claus reindeer

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