Saturday, January 17 2015

NIXON and presidential molecular cell biology --> the molecular POLITICAL cell expression system

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 1130 with atomic English translations of molecular languages and their social engineering message codes.

p-1130-1a.PNG p-1130-1b.PNG nixon.PNG

p-1130-2a.PNG p-1130-2b.PNG p-1130-3.PNG p-1130-4.PNG p-1130-5a.PNG p-1130-5b.PNG p-1130-6a.PNG p-1130-6b.PNG p-1130-7.PNG p-1130-8.PNG p-1130-9.PNG

p-1130-10.PNG p-1130-11.PNG p-1130-12.PNG p-1130-13.PNG


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